Monday, December 5, 2011


Belinda was a wonderful person, great personality, bubbly; jocular and always full of fun; she’d a list of friends as long as your arm. However, she had one large problem and she herself would be the first to admit it; she was built like a brick shithouse. At 275lbs, she had to be huge, but her friends, girlfriends that is, loved her to bits. She was no problem to take out with them, if fact they jumped at the chance, knowing full well that any male’s attention would be attracted to them.

Sex, yes of course she’d had some of the lad’s, but she had to agree, they we’re three sheets to the wind when they’d taken her to bed. Some of her friends welcomed a Belinda night, they’d all go out, chatting up the lads getting them well and truly plastered, at the lads expense of course, winding up the guys with erotic gestures, some of her friends were quite fuckable, usually it was a good night for all with Belinda getting laid at the end. She could even choose her stud at the beginning of the evening; the girls would then work on him though the evening.

This was easy for her friends, but Belinda knew she had to be answerable to her own sexual needs, she wanted to have it when she herself had the demand, her needs were as that of her friends. T’was easy for them, little bit of down the blouse, or an up-skirt peek, they had it made; as far as cleavage was concerned for Belinda it was more of an overlap, and an up-skirt was completely out of the question with the knickers she wore. Her friends thought she got them from “Rent-a-Tent” for once as a joke she’d offered an old pair to the Coast Guard as a life raft.

“Decisive Needs” was an old peoples nursing home, just outside town, Belinda had worked there since she was 17, working her way up to now matron at 22. Sitting in her office one day she pondered over her eleven male patients, the youngest being 72 with old Bert the oldest at 94, they were all a good crowd, in all there were 34 patients at the home. Belinda was going through the staff rota, noting that no one had been allocated for the bathing of patients for that night or the following week, Mary would be away on her annual holiday, it looked as if she herself would have to stand in on administering the chore.

There we’re very few staff left when Belinda made her round, she’d checked out all the ladies first, they were very little trouble in the evenings, more content with the TV and their nattering to worry anyone.

“So how are we this evening Bert! Ready for you’re bath then.

“The big chief herself this evening then, I feel quite honoured!”

“We’ll have less of the big chief!” Belinda replied with a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

“Well you might shut the door and lock it!” Bert stammered.

“Lock it, what an earth for; who do you think will come in here then?”

“I’d like to think you’d not take the chance!”

“For what pray?”

“I can only assume that you’re going to take over Mary’s roll?”

Belinda was fascinated by his words wondering just as to what Mary’s roll was, going back toward the door she eased it shut and locked it, then turned back toward Bert, who was now sitting up onto his elbows.

“So what is Mary’s roll then?”

“Thought you we’re the matron around here!”

Well, yes I am, but Mary’s roll. What does she do for you then?”

Bert leisurely eased the bed covers down, his eyes never leaving Belinda’s. She watched inattentively as they moved from his private parts, amazed as to the sight before her.

Bert’s cock came into full view, never had she realised that a man of Bert’s age could have such a strong and healthy erection.

“So what does Mary do to that for you then?”

Bert could see the tell tale look in her eye; she was captivated by his rod.

“Plays with it sometimes taking it up into her mouth!” Bert knew he was lying about her taking his cock into her mouth but it was worth a try.

“A bed bath first then perhaps I see what I can do for you!” Belinda quizzed easing the bedclothes from the bed exposing him fully.

“Not bad for an old one are you; when did you last service that then?” Belinda reached across the bed lifting his cock up into her hand.

“Depends on what you mean by service. Mary has made me cum a few times, as far as the real thing is concerned it be years!”

Belinda could feel the intense weight of his cock in her hand; a slight throbbing was sensed, conveying a twinge down between her own legs. Abruptly she released her hold, rolling Bert onto his side and started to bathe him in soothing activity, his arms his body and his legs, then turning over once more doing the same to the other side.

“Now back on your back!” She told him.

His cock was still in a solid state, rubbing her hands on the soap she reached across taking his cock into both hands manipulating the large organ between them, then rubbing them up and down on the shaft. Bert lie back onto his pillows.

“My. Your good at this aren’t you!” He murmured.

Belinda never replied, and by no means altering her pace, she sensed the erection becoming firmer by the minute.

This wasn’t helping her that much, she’d already accepted that she’d partake in her own sexual activities from now on, at the nursing home she’d have a more than willing cliental, they might be old, but they’d be more than willing going by Bert’s action. Belinda reached across once more rinsing the soap with a soft sponge; Bert could only but gasp as the outer sensations of the rough sponge was dragged along the sides his shaft.

As Belinda watched, she could see the blood pumping through the thick veins that protruded along it’s side, it was an magnificent specimen of manhood. The crown was bulbous, with the hefty proportioned helmet scoping down at the back, the flange extended outward around its circumference, in Belinda mind it was gigantic, as she dabbed it dry, her fingers could but reach around it completely. She sensed the dampness forming in the gusset of her knickers, perhaps Mary had only given the proud weapon a blow job, to take it further may have worried her, Belinda knew it was a chance she had to take, if she couldn’t handle it who’d know, it wasn’t as if her friends were around her now egging her on, watching as the guy’s fucked her.

With Bert the way he was, his age his medical condition, there would be no way that he could undertake any strenuous action, she’d never been with a man on her own before, but how far was he prepared to go. If Mary had given him a blowjob, there was no real stain on him from that action, but the real thing was the old fella up to it? Belinda thought.

If she experienced an orgasm, there’d be no laughter from behind; even the loss of her virginity was not a private matter, never had she felt so humiliated, just because she was a little larger than her friends, it didn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt. Her mind went back to the occasion, the guy in question was flitting from one girl to the next, fucking them as though the world was coming to an end; he was pissed out of his mind at the time anyway, so the blame could not be put on him. They’d slotted her in between the three girls laid out on the bed, he was leaping like a maniac from one to the other, it then became Belinda’s turn, he’s cock felt not unlike a massif telegraph pole being thrust up her, she remembered screaming, God it hurt; she’d bleed for at least an hour afterwards not that the other girls even notice her distress.

Belinda put her hand up under her skirt, she was sopping wet at this stage, and only viewing his magnificence had caused this, she wondered if it would hurt like her first had. However she’d be in the chair so to speak, take her time, nice and slow. If it got the better of her, she’d only to get up and leave who’d say anything, definitely not Bert, at least she’d have been brave enough to attempt it.

Bert brought her back to her senses with a loud groan, she never realised the sensations she was administering on him with her stroking hand and manipulating fingers. The last thing she wanted was for him to blow at this stage. He spread his legs as he sensed her crawling up the bed between them; Belinda placed her head over the large helmet engulfing it into her mouth.

Poor old Bert couldn’t believe his luck, he lifted onto his elbows once more watching as her head bobbed up and down, okay she wasn’t that much to look at, but Christ, she did a wonderful blowjob. He’d have something to enlighten the lads with tomorrow at breakfast, that’s if they’d ever believe him; he tried lifting his hips, but it was to much for him, leave her to it he contemplated.

Belinda licked up and under the large helmet, then stimulating the eye very delicately with her tongue, she sense Bert groan once more, it had to be now or never she thought. Without more ado, she stood bolt upright hovering above him lifting her skirt, tugging the gusset of her knickers to one side. Bert couldn’t believe his own eyes as she started lowering herself down towards his cock, again he forced himself up onto his elbows; he just had to see this. He’d not had a pussy glove his cock in years, if he’d have been a younger man he’d have thrust up to meet her pussy; as the moist lips edged over the crown Bert let out a loud gasp. Belinda felt the pressure as it spread her pussy open wide, wider than ever before, she thought she’d had the biggest of cocks up until now.

“Is that nice big boy?” she grinned down to him, studying Bert’s face, she knew he yearned badly to push himself up into her, nevertheless she was now in control, slowly, very slowly she started lowing herself. The pleasure was more than she could ever have expected, or hope for, for that matter, amazed that she’d able to spread so easily, gradually she lifted and lowered, lifted and lowed. The large helmet jerked as it was compelled between her taught pussy muscles, no pain just sheer pleasure for both.

“Nice, I can think of other word’s, take you’re time missy, I don’t want to blow just yet, and I’m sure we’ll not be disturbed till morning!” Bert mused.
“Till morning, d’you think you can last that long?” Belinda sniggered

She was nearly there, it was getting easier by the minute, she’d only wished she had Bert’s viewpoint, it must be a wonderful sight, she could feel the drag on her pussy lips each and every time she lifted. How could a man of his age be so hard, the feeling was sensational? Her size and weight was getting the better of her, she couldn’t stop now what if he went soft on her, she’d never forgive herself.

Belinda’s head went back as she sense her first orgasm, Bert knew what was happening, her hands were on his shoulders as she braced, with the removal of her weight on his hips Bert managed to lift giving her a few thrusts himself, not to deep, just enough to let her know he was still with her. Belinda moaned, arching her back, her inner pussy muscles contracted along the walls of his thickened shaft.

“That’s good Bert, bloody dam good!” Belinda lie lengthwise along his body, Bert managed to pull his feet back up the bed, enabling him to lift his hips, then he really started to fuck her, not to fast but it gave her a chance to catch her wind. At this stage she could have done with her so-called Arse man, the lover who always fucked her in that region. Bert’s cock felt like the rough bark of an old oak tree, Belinda put it down to the thickness of the heavy vein formation along the sides of his cock; however it did feel good. She angled her body allowing him complete authority; Bert needed no invitation as he speeded his stroke.

Again, Belinda went into orgasm, this time she had to clench the sheets along side Bert, his velocity overwhelmed her, he was literally ploughing into her now, his fingers gripping her waist tightly

“Hang in there missy, the boy’s about to blow!” He stammered. “You’ll know when he blows, just you hang in there, my what a good fuck you are!!”

Belinda could not perceive as to where he was getting the energy from, he was like a young stud that had been deprived of sex for to long. With head back and back arched, she went through an almighty con-tippler, her breathing was laboured but she managed to let out a low but gutterish moan. Bert was now using his full length, levering himself with her hips, forcing deep; Belinda enormous breasts were being thrown backwards and forwards across his face, it was as much as she could do to hold herself above him. She knew she’d have to slow him down if only for his own sake, no man she’d known could fuck at this pace.
“Bert…this is to much…you must slow you’re speed, your taking my breath away!”

“Never you mind none missy! He’ll blow soon, I’m confident of that!”

“Bert…slowdown; you’ll kill yourself at this rate!”

“But what a way to go missy!” Bert never faulted, but fucked her even harder, he was like a man with no limits.

Belinda sensed him withdraw on each backward motion; her pussy felt the cool air of the bedroom entering her body. Nevertheless Bert had motive for this; she felt her pussy inflated each time his cock was ultimately forced back into her, a fanny fart was out of the question, with the girth of his cock there just wasn’t the room, she sensed the air welling inside her, sooner or later she felt she’d burst.

Bert hadn’t undertaken such employment with a female in years; he was going to blow, and blow he would. This was one fucking she’d never forget, he needed the air to open her up, as when he did blow, it would need space. Mary had done him proud with her hand jobs, but this, she would milk him dry.

“Here she blows missy!” Bert gripped the sides of his bed, forcing his cock in deeply, letting out a thunderous moan. “Jesus Christ boy, fill her to the brim!”

Belinda felt as if she was sitting on Mount Etna when the primary spurts started it was a real eye-opener for her; she thought the first jet would cut her in two. Then the long blasts boiling inside her, she lowered her upper torso pushing her arse backwards allowing her pussy full penetration of the huge organ. Her teeth were buried into Bert’s pillow with the severity of it all, never had she had such a dynamic fucking or filling, it seemed never ending.

Bert virtually collapsed beneath her once he’d downloaded his balls, Belinda thought him dead, with no movement being shown.

She eased herself back up into a sitting position without putting her weigh on his body.

“Bert…Bert are you alright?” she cried out.

It was moments before there was any movement from the old fella, but he looked up with a twinkle in he’s old eyes.

“Missy, you’re one hell of a fuck, wish I’d have known you 40 year ago. God, I’d have given you a seeing to…Hell!”

Belinda started to gently lift from him, but taking her time, there was still enjoyment to be had from the mammoth cock, even at this slow pace the helmet and the bulbous veins made sure of that.

“You’ll be needing that towel of yours or my bed will be awash missy!” Bert beamed, his eyes glued between them, watching as his cock came visible once more.

As she finally lifted clear, great globules of spunk started flowing in a slow but even stream, luckily for Bert she’d lifted one leg clearing his body, allowing the bulky rivulet of semen to land on the other. She immediately grabbed the towel placing it up to her open pussy dabbing it profusely, already her knickers had soaked up most of the gummy fluid.

“Bert Thomson, I didn’t think you had it in you, I’ll lay a wager that cock of yours has sown a few seeds!”

“You don’t really think those skimpy knickers are going to hold that lot back do you. You’ve had about 20 years of pump up there I’ll have you know young lady. Now you make sure you put it to good use?”

“Use, how say you Bert?”

“Rub it onto your breasts, it will tenderise your beautiful body!” Bert chuckled to himself. “Now, I prefer to bathe at least twice a week more if you treat me right. That’s of course unless you have other patients that you look after?”

“Other patients! That’s food for thought Bert!” Belinda smiled.

-the end-

The Paper Route

I had a paper route until I was almost 17. It was only about 30 houses. I'd deliver in the morning and collect money once a week. It was pretty easy and the money wasn't bad at that time. Usually I hated collecting payments and tried to get everyone to pay by the month. There were a few houses, however, that I didn't mind visiting as often as possible. One was the Daniels. They were old to me but I would guess they were a relatively young couple. Maybe in the Thirties. They had one son who was 4. I loved collecting because I loved looking at Laura, the wife. She was short, Maybe 5'1" and kind of plump which I liked. She had huge tits and a wide ass with thick legs. What I liked even more was the show I always got. All of her clothes were a little tight and a lot of times she was in very short shorts or a tank top of just a bathrobe. I didn't realize it at the time but she must have liked showing me. Her husband Vic was a nice guy but I didn't really like it when he was around because he always paid me when he was and I didn't get to see Laura. Somehow I figured out that he was never around on Saturday mornings and Laura always seemed to be in her pj's still and I kind of settled into a routine of collecting from them at that time.

Laura probably noticed this also because she always seemed to be both ready and not ready for me at the same time. I would show up and she would look amazing in a short bathrobe with her bare legs hanging out or a thin pair of pajama bottoms and a very tight tank top with no bra on. I loved this and couldn't take my eyes off of her. She would then look all over the place for some money, bending over, reaching over her head. I would get fantastic glimpses of her cleavage or her ample ass. All the while she would make small talk and I would struggle to say something whitty. I dreamed of her all the time and jerked off repeatedly, thinking of her fat chubby nipples and huge (atleast double d) breasts. She had almost black hair which I loved for some reason. I think because I was a redhead and that seemed like the most different. This went on for quite some time and since I didn't really know what to do with a woman, that was fine by me.

I remember one Saturday morning I showed up and Laura was in her thin pajama bottoms and tank top and she was drinking coffee. She paid me and sat down in a chair in her living room, pulling her legs up onto the chair with her. She asked me stuff like "How's school going?" and stuff like that. I tried to answer her questions but i was mesmerized by her crotch. She hadn't put her legs under, it was more like she was squatting on the big chair. her huge nipples were hard and I could see the faint outline of her darkened areolas. Her pajamas were stretched tightly across her fat pussy and I could see them riding into the cleft. I probably just imagined it but I thought I could see each individual pubic hair pushing against the thin fabric of her pajama bottoms. My mouth felt thick and my crotch and asshole felt kind of numb as I stared at her. "Well, How about it?" I realized she had asked me a question and I had no idea what it was. I looked at her blankly and she asked me again. "Mow the lawn? Vic has to spend more and more time at work lately. Would you be willing to mow the lawn and maybe do some odds and ends around the house from time to time?" Well, it wasn't exactly the 'how about it' that I had imagined but summer was just around the corner and I could use the extra money so I quickly agreed.

It was only two saturdays later that Laura asked me if I had time to mow the lawn. I told her I could be back in about 15 minutes and ran home. I can't say I had a real plan but I did have some ideas. I quickly changed into an old pair of shorts and some shoes I didn't care about. I brushed my teeth and put on a thin tank top. I admired myself in the mirror. I had started working out the year before at school and was very proud of my physique. At 5'8" and 145 pounds, I had no idea that I was probably the only person impressed with my body. I ran back to Laura's house and told her I was ready. She showed me to the shed and showed me where the mower and gas were. She had changed while I was out and was now wearing a very short pair of cut off shorts and a tank top. Her son was at his aunt's house, playing with his cousins. She told me she was going to do some gardening, and as she bent over in the shed looking for some gardening tools, I couldn't help but admire her big round ass, the bottom of which was hanging blatantly out of her shorts. I was probably drooling as I went out and started mowing. Something I had never given any thought to was just how big the Daniels' yard was. I was sweating profusely in no time and had my shirt off. Every once in a while I would chance a look over at Laura bent over in the garden looking just delicious. I wanted to dive head first into that ass and pussy, even though I really had no idea what I would do then.

I was about half done with the lawn when I saw Laura motioning me over. I shut off the engine in time to hear her say "let's take a break. do you want some lemonade?" I agreed and followed her into the house. As I sat down at the kitchen table, Laura asked me if I had been working out. I was more than a little pleased and tried vainly to hide it. "Just a little" I replied. "It shows" she said "You've got a very nice body." I'm sure I blushed, and since I didn't know what do say, I said "thanks, so do you." Laura laughed a little and thanked me as I turned a deeper shade of red. She handed me my lemonade and I drank it in one long pull. I started to get up but she stopped me. "Hold on a minute. Here's a damp towel. Why don't you wipe yourself off a little." I did and she mentioned that she hoped I wasn't getting burned. I figured it was because I was so flustered but she ran and got some sun block and came back. Squirted some into my hands and I begain applying it to my face and arms. "Why don't I do your back." she said and before I could say anything she was rubbing lotion into my back. It felt great. Just the touch of her hands on me sent shivers through my body. As she rubbed it in, she told me I had nice shoulders and I thanked her. I kind of slumped down in the kitchen chair and noticed that my dick was starting to produce a tent. Laura was talking about something while rubbing my shoulders and arms and I just stared at my crotch willing it to go down. Instead it continued slowly to grow. Laura was rubbing my arms all the way down to my forearms and her breasts were pressed firmly against my back. My cock was straining at my shorts and I was sure she would see it. I realized I could hear her talking right next to my ear as her hands worked their way across my chest and down my stomach. "....It looks like you have a really nice cock" she said. I would have fallen out of the chair if she hadn't been holding me tight to her chest. I could only say I was sorry, but Laura laughed and said there was nothing to be sorry about. She pulled my chair out and came around and straddled my cock pushing her big tits into my face.

I was pretty much paralyzed as Laura ground her fat pussy on my throbbing prick. It hurt and felt so awesome at the same time. She asked me if I liked looking at her and I nodded yes. She told me that she liked me looking at her and she wanted to do something special for me. I think I kind of nodded some more. In one quick motion she removed her tank top and her huge tits fell out. I was completely speechless. She wagged them in front of me and I watched them swing back and forth. Finally, of their own accord, my hands moved up to cup them and I began to massage them. My dick was spasming and jerking and I leaned in to take one of her big chubby nipples in my mouth. Laura moaned a little and rubbed my shoulders and the back of my head. I couldn't believe it. I chewed heartily on first one nipple then the other, all the while massaging her beautiful melons. When I got up the courage to move my hands down to her ass she stopped me. "Let's not move too fast." she said. Instead she slid down to the floor and unzipped my pants. My entire body was trembling with anticipation as she pulled my shorts and underwear all the way down to my ankles. Resting her big tits on my thighs, she took my cock in her hands and admired it. Pre cum was oozing out of it and it looked like it might explode at any moment. Her mouth kind of hung slack as she stared at it. Now I've never been all that big, just average at 6".......6 1/2" if I measure it right, but she looked at it like it was the biggest thing she'd ever seen. Vic, she told me, had a very small penis and she had been thirsting for something bigger for years. As she slid it into her warm wet mouth, I immediately felt myself beginning to cum. I clenched my ass and held it for as long as I could, which was maybe 20 to 30 seconds and she bobbed her head up and down on my cock, before I exploded with the most intense orgasm I had ever had. She kind of gagged and then kept on sucking as I pumped the proverbial gallons into her mouth. I felt bad, as I was sure she hadn't intended for me to cum in her mouth and began to apologize. She just licked her lips and laughed. "You're going to have to stop apologizing to me." "Sorry." I said. She laughed again.

We got cleaned up and went outside to finish the yard. I was staring more openly now at Laura's fine figure. For her part, she seemed to be working it pretty hard. She would bend way over everytime I passed by with the mower so I could see her jean shorts push up into her ass and pussy, outlined by the edges of her white cotton panties with just a bit of dark curly hair peeking out. My mind was racing over what had already happened and couldn't wait to find out what was next as I flew around the yard. I practically ran the last couple strips before I shut off the mower and put it in the shed. "Wow, that was fast!" Laura said as I joined her up by the house. "You want to come in and pick up where we left off?" she asked. Boy did I! We went in and I immediately grabbed her and pulled her to me. I threw my tongue into her mouth and tried to reach the back of her throat. I wanted to be inside of her in every way I could imagine. To my delight she kissed me back just as hard and we shuffled into the kitchen awkwardly as we both frantically squeezed, grabbed and caressed each other's bodies.

Coming up for air, Laura gasped that she wanted me to join her in the bathroom and we ran up the stairs. "Shower with me." she said. She was calling all the shots and that was ok with me. We both stripped at the same time and I was treated to a view of her luscious body. She had a little paunch but it was smooth and tan and her pussy was thickly tangled with coarse black hair. I began salivating just looking at her as she stepped into the shower. We resumed our lip lock immediately while we soaped each others bodies up. My cock was pressed into her belly as I reached down to soap her ass. Laura loved it as I slid my hand in and out of her plump ass crack. She kissed me deeply and rubbed her huge tits against my stomach. Feeling sufficiently clean, we dried off and she led me to the bedroom. Laura asked me if I had ever gone down on a woman before and I said no but I was willing to try. She grinned and spread out on the bed. I got between her legs and she instructed me as I lapped at her pussy. Her clit was huge and she was highly orgasmic. Her hips shook and she thrust her pelvis at me as she had orgasm after orgasm. Finally she said "No more." I pulled away and laid down next to her. I massaged her boobs for several minutes, telling her how great they were. She told me to go ahead and straddle her chest and fuck them if I wanted to. I couldn't believe it. Before she could change her mind, I was on top of her with my dick already hard between her tits. "Spit on them." she told me and I drooled on my dick and between her tits. Laura pushed them together and my cock disappeared. I started to slide between her big pillowy boobs and she moaned as I thumbed her chubby nipples. I was pushing hard and you could just see the head of my cock sliding out of the top of her cleavage with each thrust. My balls were scraping across her soft belly and I loved the feeling. Laura propped her head up on a pillow so she could see my cock in her cleavage and began first to lick it as it poked out and then to open her mouth and suck it quickly before it disappeared. This was more than I could handle visually and I shot a load as I pushed hard between her tits. cum splattered on her collar bone, her chin and her left eye as I shook. We stared into each others eyes as she scraped herself clean with her fingers and fed it all into her eager mouth. We kissed then and I could taste my own cum as we swirled it around in her mouth.

"Are you going to have enough energy left to fuck me?" she asked brazenly. Being young it didn't take much and just the suggestion of sex seemed to do the trick. I wagged my already growing cock at her and said I couldn't wait. Kneeling between her legs, I watched in awe as my cock slid easily into her warm pussy. I began thrusting my hips fast and she told me to slow down. Stopping me she started to push her hips at me in a slow gyrating motion. When I thought I had it she stopped and let me thrust and gyrate slowly into her slickening cunt. She was moaning low and deep from her belly as she pressed her tits together and played with the nipples. Her lets were in the air forming a v and all of this was well beyong anything my young mind could encompass. Before she could stop me, I was bucking furiously again and shooting inside of her. She wasn't mad though. As she patted my bare ass she said, "Its's ok, there's plenty of time baby." I relaxed on top of her and laid there until my dick wilted up inside her and slid out of it's own accord.

I rolled on my back and laid there for a while. Laura asked me to eat her out again and I did. Her pussy was growing more swollen from all this action but her juices continued to flow copiously. I sucked and licked her fat pussy to another orgasm. She squeezed my head like a vice between her short muscular legs and shoved her hairy bush in my face. Rolling me on my back she started sucking my limp cock back to life. In just a few short seconds, I was hard agian and Laura climbed on top of me and slowly lowered her dripping pussy over my aching pole. As I lay there, she set up her own rhythm and I just watched contentedly as she slid up and down. Her tits bounced lightly, pressed as they were between her arms. Laura was squatting over me and I think she was getting a little tired because she decided to turn around and let me help support her as she started slamming down harder on my cock. Her big soft ass was slamming relentlessly on my abdomen as. I palmed her pillowy mounds. She leaned heavily against me and my arms were getting tired, but I didn't want her to stop. The coarse hairs around her pussy were rubbing at my dick like a brillo pad and it hurt but still I didn't want it to stop. I could feel the walls of her pussy convulsing around my shaft and it was delightful. Laura was moaning loud and saying dirty things like "That's it baby, fuck my little cunt. Make me cum, that's it." Her cunt was spasming almost continuously now and her ass was quaking in my hands. I watched her whole body tighten up as I lost control myself and spilled whatever was left of my balls into her hungy cunt. She practically screamed in extacy as her wetness spilled out around the base of my prick. Climbing off of me, we laid there with her tits mashed up against my chest and side.

From then on, I was at Laura's house every chance I got, pumping away at her mat, meaty pussy. She tought me everything she knew and I drank it up. It turns out that Vic knew about us. They had talked about it before the first time and had agreed that I would be the one. At first, sometimes, Vic would hide in a closet and watch us while he jerked off. Eventually as we both became comfortable, he began to watch and masturbate openly and it added fire to my performance. This happened maybe once or twice a week. Laura and I were fucking almost every day, sometimes a quicky and sometimes, like on saturdays we would lay in bed for hours, or if Eric (the son) was out, all over the house. Laura wanted to be double teamed and when we had beed screwing for a couple of months and Vic was a regular next to the bed she asked if I would do it. I already liked having Vic watch and thought it might be ok. So one Sunday morning, they sent Eric to his aunt's house to play with his cousin and we did it. Laura nelt between us and sucked both our cocks alternately as she jerked us off, then she got on her knees on the bed and Vick got behind her and I fed my cock into her hungry mouth. She was sucking hard and each time Vic slammed into her quivering ass, she would swallow my cock whole and her chin would tickle my balls. We were all loving this and it didn't take long before we were all ready to come. Laura wanted us both to cum on her face and tits and got back down on the floor in front of us. Vic and I masturbated urgently and shot long ropey streams of jiz all over her face and tits. Laura rubbed it all over her tits and licked her fingers. It was awesome. Later, she started getting into anal and eventually we took turns fucking her ass and pussy simultaneously.

For several years, this went on. I hardly dated at all in highschool and even when I went to college, I found that most of the girls weren't very experienced and I had to teach them everything. I always managed to find time to visit Laura when I was getting too frustrated. They moved out of the stated when I was 24 and I haven't seen them since. I still think about Laura's short fleshy little body with her huge tits and meaty thighs.

-the end-

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Phone Ad

I was 19 and growing in my sexual ways-by 16 my romantic poetic tone of talking was matured.I was already built like a bull short but powerful stocky muscular. I call myself a mini black hulk. Anyways I had three sexual encounters before the one I speak of later. I was one of those kids that grew into sex very easy like an omen.Like if a teacher had a sexual encounter with me it would only build my sexual knowledge. I wouldn't need therapy. (Though this sadly never happened)

I live in sexual boring town USA and all the girls and women in my town whether on drugs or just unattractive. So I looked in the paper and seen an ad for local single through my county. On there is where I developed unique catch their attention ads. It was a phone line and ran my ads and like I said I matured quick for my age I am the type of guy that can hang fun with the young people and have conversations with a mature group of 50.

I was just groomed well in manners and had powerful women in my life.So it didn't take long on the phone ad to finally get some messages and (Beth false name for story) left a sweet down to earth message on wanting to talk with me.She sounded nice and real not like some women who only tease on the line or the ones that just want to be no fun and complain.

So I got her number and called her,and it was sweet from the start. Very pleasent voice and down to earth,but not boring and she tells me she's a white woman 38years old plumper weighing about 280lbs and 5'4 in height.Also she had a child.I was like big sexy mama very nice. I am black and love meat on a woman now I'm not into like those 500lb women no offense,But a thick powerhouse plumper right up my alley.

By day three of us getting along and talking we were already having phone sex,I was telling her how hard she made my 8inch monster get hard,I told her to tap her pussy with the phone and let me hear her fingers smashing in and out of her pussy.(Damn this is getting me hard just thinking of this) she was like perfect cause she was sweet and willing at the same time.But what impressed me of how comfortable she seem to be with me being black.

I love women of all colors,But she was one of those white women that could walk into a all black bar and be fine.She was what I like to call a BMF (Black-Man-Friendly) a natural flare that I would find the answer to this puzzle much later. So we couldn't take it no more.All the talk about her sucking my cock and us phone fucking made us nuts,so we made plans to meet that Saturday.She was only few towns away.So we made arrangements for her to go the nearest bus stop and I would be arriving at this time. I got to the next town and it was about 6:30 nearing dark. Got off the bus hard as a rock hard and nervous. She pulled up and I got in and we started making out with passion right in the car.Well hello and laughed and drove off. Even as we riding my hand sliping up her theigh on to her pussy,fondling her breast.At stop lights we were kissing and she was feeling my black cock with mastery.

I told you now I have pent up ejaculation cumming soon and that after my black pipes were clean then the super fucking would begin and she understood no problem. What a fucking woman.So we finally get to her house and I look her up and down,big beautiful blond plumper,well dressed.which turns me on they way women like a man in uniform is the way I like women as well.Taking on the power.

We got in and with no time wasted started french kissing with perfect passion,I loved wild french kissing.My cock hard as black steel. Our mouths splashing swabs of juice all over.Then I went down and stripped her pants off and stripped like a ninja with great stealth. She took off her clothes in great haste,I layed her down and was in awe at the mounds of juicy robust shaped flesh that my bull body was between.I sucked her tounge deep in my mouth,sucked those beautiful fair skinned breast like milk would pop out.

Then I slide down to her moist wet pussy,already flooded and start eating that white lovely pussy like an animal.Slirping and sucking the wet lubercation like a pro-by that time I've watched so much porn,damn near expert just needed a victim. Lapping and slirping that pussy milk and those big hips squirming and poping up.Felt like a beast taking on this sexy BBw freak. Then I raised up couldn't take it any more.

I slid my cock into her mouth,from the top driving my cock down her throat,she took all 8inches in no problem. It felt like heaven on my cock forcefully driving my cock in mouth. I said I'm cumming and now remember this was like baby batter build up type cum. I pumped hard and before you know ahahhaah right down her throat took every drop no problem swallowed like a beautiful black cock slut-truely amazed.

So we took a few minutes and held and caressed each other and then I said I'm ready to pound that pussy baby, she wanted that black cock,but she nicely tell me very nicely says don't cum in.Okay honey,I slid my black cock deep into her pussy with screams from her OMG,started whipping that cock like a pro pounding that pent up time we had when we first talked,It molded to my dick ok,sloppy splashes of my cock twirling her cunt juices.

We were on a mattress on the floor, and I proceed to fuck her,I pulled my favorite move on her the hammer slam,were I pretend to be slowing down after her already 5 orgasims. wiggle the tip in her pussy as she thinks your resting,and then slam and an oh fuck fly's out her mouth as I power slam this fucking sexy plumper,oh you sexy whore you pussy is so sweet. Fuck me with that cock she screams,power grunts cum from both of us.

I cum again and on her stomach,and we lay there spent, kissing and caressing,sucking her tities,and sweet kissing her stomach to make her feel more comfortable.Then we had marathon sex all through the night but her main trick was her oral skills,she'd slide down after I finish suck my cock and clean the cum and then i was hard again-magic mouth she had,flipped her big sexy ass over and fucked her again.

Then one time she gets on top and starts to ride,my black cock and forth with mighty woman on me,and then she says oh shit your touch the back of my pussy,Then the shock came when she said lets cum together.I was like I'm on the bottom.At this point she did not care. the woman instinct kicked in and she rode my cock till we both came right up inside her. Then she lay across me with all that yummy flesh.

We fucked maybe 2-3 times on and off till morning,I had a nack for waking up and just stuck my cock in her and start fucking her while she slept and woke up with me in her and went right along with it.We wake in the morning for a quick fuck and then we got ready cause I had to catch the bus back.Just so happy of how we got along and the sex was wonderful.I said as a joke to take her pants down before we go and let me fuck her from behind and she did pull her pants down-What a woman but we had to go. So we strapped up and headed out the door and I went by her wall I saw pics of her young daughter and then I seen her Ex-in the picture and guess what every one he was a Black man and I laughed that's why she's so comfortable with me. We met on several times after in my early years.

Since then I've been with older women ages 37-38-46-48-51-55 best sex ever true addiction: Darklover

-the end-

Kissy Kat

Kissy Kat was her CB handle, or nickname. Kissy Kat was 5’2” tall, with shoulder-length blonde hair, and as cute as they come. She was slightly on the plump side which contributed to her having a great set of tits. She was twenty-years-old, and we dated frequently. Maybe, too frequently.

Since my divorce a couple of years earlier, I had imposed some rules on myself. One of them was not to get too serious with anyone I dated.

Kissy was a gentle lover that liked to be screwed slow and easy. That is, until she was about to cum. Then she went wild. While she was cuming, all I had to do was hug her tight and hang on for the ride. She did the rest. Riding Kissy while she came was as close to a sexual thrill ride as I’ve ever had. Mechanical rodeo bulls had nothing on this little gal’s ride.

Kissy was always made herself available to me. Even when she was on her period, she’d eagerly give me a blow job. It was during one of those times of her month that Kissy let me know how much she liked having her tits fucked.

She would lay on her back and press her firm ample tits around my cock. I happily stroked my cock between them. She licked at my cock’s head every time it came near her mouth. When I came, Kissy would hold my cock between her tits and suck it’s head like the top of a straw.

Many a night she’d call when she got off work at midnight, and asked if she could come over. She worked at a nationally known electronics factory on the far side of our city. It took her nearly an hour to drive to my place from work.

Her job kept her on her feet most of the evenings. So, Kissy’s legs and back were frequently sore or cramped. She loved my long, slow, massages. She especially like getting her legs and feet rubbed, and I enjoyed working out the kinks in her cramped legs.

I was very tired, when Kissy called one night. I told her I was going to bed, but she could still come over, if she liked. I told her to let herself in, help herself to something to drink, get naked, and climb in bed with me.

About 1:15 AM, I stirred to the sound of her opening my door. The light of a full moon was streaming in my bedroom window. It bathed the entire room in soft light. Without moving, I watched Kissy slowly strip. She was such a lovely creature in that soft light. Her young sizable tits showed little sign of sagging. Her belly and ass had enough fat to make her soft, cuddly, and nicely rounded.

When she finished undressing, Kissy quietly got in bed, put her head on my shoulder, and snuggled up to me. When I didn’t reach out to her, she reached down, and stroked my dick until it was almost fully erect. She then went down and sucked me to a full hard-on. During her oral work, I started rubbing her back and shoulders.

“Lay still, and let me do the work tonight.” Kissy softly told me. She then turned, straddled me, and lowered her pussy down on my hard dick. Slowly and repeatedly, she raised and lowered her body on my cock. As she picked up the pace, I reached up and fondled her tits. Then, she surprised me. Instead of humping wildly as we both began to cum, she shoved her pussy down tightly on my cock, and sort of quivered for about thirty seconds.

Now, that was something pleasantly different.

After dating Kissy for a few months, she began breaking my dating ground rules. One night, as we lay cuddling after sex, she said she loved me. She had been getting more and more possessive, and wanted me to see her, exclusively. I tried nicely, several times, to remind her of my divorce and self-imposed dating rules. I even picked a fight and cussed her a couple of times in hopes she’d get the idea. It didn’t work.

I didn’t need, or want, a steady girlfriend at that time. She said she understood, but continued to put pressure on me to commit to dating only her.

When she started dropping by without calling, I, reluctantly, came to the conclusion I had to do something rather drastic to cool Kissy Kat's ardor. I didn’t want to hurt her, but she was giving me no other choice.

One Saturday afternoon a couple of buddies had come over to watch a college football game on TV. As expected, Kissy Kat called and wanted to come over. I rudely told explained my day to her. “I’m watching a ball game with some friends, but, if you want to come over, get fucked during half-time, and then leave, come on.”

Then it hit me. I knew how I was going to
discourage Kissy Kat. I would share her with my buddies. The guys agreed that, if she didn’t want to be shared, they would not force her. If she agreed, we could all have a good time, and see just how much cock and cum her pussy could take.

About forty-five minutes later, Kissy arrived. I handed her a beer and spoke to her loudly so my buddies could hear. “Go on back to the bedroom and get undressed. It’s almost halftime. I’ll be back to fuck ya in a few minutes.”

About fifteen minutes later, it was half time of the football game. I went back to my bedroom. When I opened the door, I found Kissy laying just as I had instructed her. She was naked on the bed with her legs spread ready to fuck. With just enough foreplay to get her wet, I climbed on, and fucked her until I came. As I rolled off her, I patted her ass and said. “Don’t move! I’ll be right back.”

After taking a piss, I returned to my bedroom. Kissy was still laying naked with her legs spread. “Beautiful! Hold on! Don’t move! There’s more to cum.” I told her again.

I then went to my living room. We flipped a coin to see which of my buddies would be the first to try his luck with Kissy. The winner was again told, and he agreed, not to force her. With a big grin, and a hard-on to match, he headed for my bedroom.

Over the TV, I heard Kissy yell. “What the hell are you doing here?”

With a chuckle, my buddy replied. “I’m here to get some pussy! We’re going to share you and give you one hell of an afternoon of fucking.”

“Like hell you are! Get the fuck out!” Kissy screamed at him.

My buddy came high-tailing it back down my hallway laughing his ass off. “I guess she’s not interested in sharing!” He said, while buckling his belt.

He was rapidly followed by one pissed-off, half-dressed, Kissy Kat. As she ran out the door, she looked at me and yelled. “Fuck you too, you bastard!”

I really did hate hurting Kissy Kat like that, but she never bothered me again. If only she hadn’t gotten so possessive, so quickly.

About a year later, I met a gal named Terri. Six months after that, Terri and I were married. Kissy Kat just wanted to move too quickly from being a date to a steady girlfriend. Too bad!

-the end-

My First Time

This is a story about how I lost my virginity. All names and such have been changed to protect identities.
Let me start out by telling you a little about me, my name is Thomas and these events happened when I was thirteen years old. Back then I was a scrawny stick of a boy standing 5’8” and weighing only 120 pounds. I was never really popular with the ladies, never many girlfriends until I met Christy. Now she wasn’t really a looker at 5’3” and weighing maybe 175 pounds and 38 C breasts. We simply met through a choir function which we were both (forced) to be a part of. I noticed her through the crowd of people and went up to her and just started talking to her. We never considered dating the first few times we met, so I was always out with the cheerleaders helping them learn to flip and basically doing all the guy stuff they needed. I remember the one night that Christy called and told me she wanted to take our friendship to the next level. I was beyond happy, she was my first ever girlfriend that I could actually tell my parents about and my friends also and have them believe me. Now when we first started dating it was just a more casual holding hands at school and seeing each other between classes. It took three years for our relationship to really develop to a physical level to where we were comfortable with kissing each other. In the time we had taken to calling each other at 11 or 12 o’clock at night and just talking until we fell asleep. Our conversations were mostly harmless for the first few months and then we discovered our naughty side. They started out simply with me asking her what kind of panties she was wearing or what color her bra was at the time, and eventually progressed to asking her to finger herself for me and play with random objects.

The first time I asked her it was 12:30 at night, “Christy I have a small question I would like to ask you.” She was quiet for a second and then with a slight hesitation in her voice she answered “You can ask me anything Thomas.” I sat there quiet for a few seconds not knowing how to voice what I wanted to ask her when I heard her voice again “If it is something naughty then just tell me I know what has been going through your head, and I see the way you look at me when we are alone.” I gathered up all my courage and finally managed to squeak out “I would love it if you would finger you while I jack off and we both cum at the same time.” I heard her draw a deep breath and then there was silence on her end. I feared I had driven her away with such a forward statement. I heard her walking and then water running so I ventured a question “Why are you in the bathroom at this time of night, won’t your parents get up and find out what you are doing?” I heard her chuckle and tell me that both her parents had, had a little bit much to drink and were passed out in the living room and she could go jump on both of them and they wouldn’t get up. I asked her again “what are you doing in the bathroom now?” This was common for us to be in the bathroom with each other when we were brushing our teeth before going to bed but, it was way too early for her to even be considering bed. To this day I can swear I hear a smile in her voice when she told me “I am shaving my pussy because I want it to be silky smooth when I play with it for you.” I nearly dropped the phone as I came in my pants, and with my voice suddenly very breathy I said “you never said you would do that and I just came in my pants so can we put this on hold until another night?” She laughed and laughed for a good five minutes before she could even say anything. “You just came in your pants because I said I was shaving my pussy.”

I sat there unable to answer her because this had never happened to me before, I was unsure of how to answer her. I considered hanging up the phone right then and there because the shame I was feeling was multiplied by the thought that I had never done anything sexual before and here I was with a hair trigger and I hadn’t touched it. There was the awkward silence that both of us had fought so hard to avoid in all of our conversations. I took a deep breath and answered her “Yes I did and I didn’t mean to I just got so excited because you are the first girl to ever tell me something like that.” She giggled like a little school girl until I asked her to stop it. She giggled some more and asked me why she should. I told her that the giggling was bringing down my self-esteem because not only was I still a virgin but I seemed to have a hair trigger when it came to things like that. She started taking deep breaths to calm her breathing down until she was able to talk. Our conversations continued like that up until my sixteenth birthday, that was the day that I would get the phone call that would change my teenage life. I had the phone by my side that night because at school Christy had pulled me aside and said she was calling that night and had something very important to tell me. I kept on questioning her every time I saw her and she wouldn’t relent on telling me to wait until later.

Finally when 12 o’clock rolled around, I jumped when the phone started to ring and grabbed fast so not to wake my father. I said hello tentatively when I hear her voice say “I bet you hated me for all that teasing at school when I wouldn’t tell you what this call was going to be about.” I truly did hate that she did that I didn’t hate her. So we settled into our normal rhythm of going back and forth until both of us came and after I finally did, did she tell me what she wanted to tell me. “In honor of your birthday I have decided that this weekend we will finally take our relationship to the last level.” I was shocked beyond belief; I had been waiting for this moment for the longest time. I would no longer be a virgin after this weekend was over. We talked until 2:30 before she said she was going to sleep to try and get this week over with so we could have our special weekend. My birthday came with the pomp and circumstance that came with the usual birthday around my house. I really didn’t talk to Christy that much on the phone since that fateful night. For me the weekend seemed to take forever to get there but when it did I could hardly sleep the night before. I kept on getting weird looks from my parents because I kept on dozing off in the car as we drove to go get groceries. They knew I had plans to go see Christy at the rec center not far from our house. We finally got done shopping and before I knew it I was waiting on Christy to get dropped off. From the moment she stepped out of her mother’s car I knew that it was going to be a very interesting day.

We took our time slowly walking around the perimeter to scope out a good place for both of us to have sex without being seen or not knowing if someone was sneaking up on us. We came to the conclusion that the woods would be the best place since the inside had cameras everywhere. So we took off into the woods and when we found the right spot she jumped on to me kissing me with a passion that I had never seen from her. Our clothes were off in a matter of seconds, we weren’t wasting any time we wanted to get down and get dirty for the first time in our lives. I looked at her and was amazed by what I saw; she was beautiful for her weight. We both were virgins so we didn’t really know how to have sex so we tried different positions until we found the one that worked best for us. I was lying on the ground and she climbed on top of me and just impaled herself on my penis without regard for foreplay or anything. We fucked like rabbits for maybe ten minutes before I came deep inside her without regard for the possible consequences. I smiled up at her and said “That was the best birthday gift any one could ever give me.” She smiled back climbed off of my penis and proceeded to suck it clean and after a few minutes hard again. This time we tried doggy and I managed to last about thirty minutes this time and came deep inside her again. When we got done having sex she was all aglow and she was more than happy to let me watch my cum fall out of her pussy on to the ground. We cleaned up the best we could and headed back to play some pool. After she left I started to consider the events that had taken place that day. We continued to fuck outdoors for another couple of months until I got the most frightening phone call a guy could ever get, she was late. I knew immediately that it was just from all the sex we had been having, throwing caution to the wind. I asked her how far along she was and she said she was about six weeks. She cried to me on the phone for the better part of four hours. I had no idea what I was going to do, or how I was going to tell my parents. The weeks rolled by as I still looked for that one moment to tell my parents that my girlfriend was pregnant when I got another still scary phone call from Christy. This one was to tell me that she had had a miscarriage. I didn’t know what to do and from that moment on I promised myself to be a better man. She didn’t see it that way and just a few days after she miscarried she broke up with me stating that she couldn’t date someone who had created life with her and then to have the life taken away.

To this day I will find my self thinking about what my life would have been like if Christy hadn't miscarried the baby and I would have become a daddy.That part of my life is over and I have moved on.

-the end-

The Pursuit

I felt my heart racing, it was finally coming true. The moment I had been waiting for all this time was finally going to happen. Jeacia was finally coming down to visit. Our friendship had started a year after I graduated from high school and moved to the city to keep a promise to my mother.

Jeacia was this thin and beautiful redhead who was the same height as me with a mouth like a sailor on shore leave. I had seen her in the library but never had the nerve to talk to her outside of a shy friendly smile. I used to go to the library so I could use the internet as did she. One day, I was sitting and reading a dirty story for a person, correcting their spelling as I went along when I felt a cool hand on my shoulder. I panicked, thinking a librarian caught me then I looked up to her gorgeous green eyes. She smiled down at me and told me the story looked great, she pulled up a chair and asked if she could just sit and watch me online. I was nervous as hell, I am a very private person but I consented. She sat for the hour just talking to me about everything from anime to video games. Her laugh made me feel weak and she laughed a lot. My time was up so I thanked her for the company and started home. To my shock, she sped up to join me. I thought I was dreaming, a beautiful girl was at my side. I looked to her and she was shivering so I took off my coat and demanded she wear it until we went our seperate ways. My body warmth instantly took the chill from her skin. We kept walking and chatting until we were nearly to my house when it begun to snow. She looked up a street and told me this was her stop and handed me my coat back. We bidded fairwell and I watched as she walked up the road, snow dusting her beautiful form. I couldn't move, I was instantly in love with her. I thought I would never see her again, but everyday, she was there at the library waiting for me.

One spring day, I waited for her on the steps of the library, I was going to make my move and tell her how I felt. I even bought her roses for this occasion. After a while, she realized I was sitting outside and told me to come in. I came in and saw a sleaze of a guy draped around her. She introduced him as her boyfriend, my heart sank deeply as I faked a smile. I realized there was no chance for a fat girl like me to have the copper haired goddess. As soon as they left the library, I went home. I had no interest in books or internet that day. I remained friendly to her, hoping to be content with her friendship but it was always lacking. The scum dumped her eventually and I was there to comfort her but my brother started to pursue her... I backed off. She ended up with yet another slime... this one knocked her up and she married him. I packed my bags and went back to the country, not able to take the rejection anymore.

Years passed, we kept in touch and I would visit when her husband wasn't home. He hated me with a passion, I was a threat in his eyes. I wanted to be a threat, I wanted her for myself and be the man she needed but.. I wasn't a man. I was just the sweet fat girl who wore men's clothes. The final visit was in May, I came to tell her I was moving away to get married. I couldn't forget the look in her beautiful eyes as the news hit her. She clung to me, begging me not to abandon her. I told her how I felt and she got stiff, she looked away as she told me she could never be a lesbian. I kissed her hand and left, I ran from her new house to my mother's, not stopping and crying the whole way. I moved to the new state and immersed myself fully in being the wife to my husband. He knew how I felt for her, never did he fault me.

Late one night, I sat awake on messenger... thinking out a sex laden story to write when her screen name blinked to life. I went to log out but she messaged me, her husband wasn't home and she felt lonely. I looked at my sleeping husband and then replied, asking if she needed a bed time story. She said yes, I wove a deeply involving story that was smutty just for her, using the characters that drove her wild. As I described the sensation of a touch the man did to the heroine, I would touch myself. Before too long, her typing got erratic, a sign I knew meant she was climaxing. She stopped responding to the story for a few minutes then thanked me for the writing.. she could sleep now.

I was now all worked up, knowing she was fingering herself to the story made my pussy quiver with want. I lifted my nighty so my legs were exposed and unbuttoned my top. I read and reread the story and her responses as my fingers trailed along my thighs. I shivered with exquisite delight as my nipples began to harden and my womanhood ache. I could hear her moan my name, begging for pleasure, my fingers traced over my shaved pussy lips. The smooth skin was cool but the honey wetting them was hot. Slowly, a finger dipped into the soaked slit and massaged my clit in tiny slow circles. I leaned my head back, breathing deeply to keep from moaning too loud and my toes curled tightly into my foot. The joy nub was swelling as I thought of her fingers, dipping in and out of my creek and her sexy laugh. I bucked against the chair, imagining her with me as I grabbed a thin plastic bottle and started to fuck myself with it. I could see her pulling my legs around her trim waist and plunging deeply between my thighs with a strap on and her mouth on my nipple. Stabbing the makeshift dildo in and out of my sex hungered cunt, I felt my body tighten. I bit on the free hand to keep the sound down as my pussy erupted, I sat shaking and crying after the orgasm passed. I licked the bottle clean and stared at the computer screen a little longer. I had convinced myself I didn't want her anymore yet now I needed her again.

We began roleplaying with each other, it would start off a simple game then would turn cyber sex. Her relationship with her own husband was failing and I was her only outlet. Right after the birth of their second child, he walked out on her. Like before, I comforted her and was always there for her. My brother caught wind of her freedom and chased her once again and the girl of my dreams... was in line to become my sister in law. Their relationship though... it was doomed to failure. During one cyber session, she called him by my name. He emailed me the next day and asked me to take care of her, he was losing the internet. I was doing my best to keep their love alive, I owed it to my brother but she dropped the bomb on me. She was breaking up with him because she was a lesbian. I felt terrible, once again, the girl I desired was slipping away... that is until she told me she had loved me since that day in the library. I couldn't speak or breathe, I kept making her repeat what she said, I just couldn't believe it. She told me a secret, any time she made love, she thought of me. Any time she fingered herself, she thought of me... I was the only thing that turned her on.

That was a year ago, I shook the cobwebs from my mind and finished packing up my stuff. I couldn't wait to see her again, her flight as due soon and we were to meet at the hotel. I slammed my suitcase shut and smiled to my husband. He gave me a thumbs up and told me to have fun, I kissed his gently and told him to have fun with his boyfriend who was due soon as well. I got into the taxi and was off for the hotel. The drive felt like forever but relief washed over me as the beautiful building came into view. I paid the driver and rushed inside to register. At the counter, there was a woman checking in with wide hips, long streaked hair and the sexiest laugh. My throat closed up as she turned and shrieked, it was my Jeacia. She dove into my arms and clung to me, laughing and crying. She was a lot chubbier than the last time I held her but it didn't matter one bit. She whispered into my ear that our room was ready and then nipped the lobe. Man... if I were a guy, I would be popping the most massive wood ever. She took me by hand as the bellboys carried our stuff up, they already had their tips so they dropped off the bags and left. I followed her to a suite and just stood in shock at the extent of the trouble she went through.

As the door clicked behind me, her hands were tearing at my shirt, untying the laces and yanking the fabric off my shoulders to expose my large breasts. Her mouth found mine and kissed me brutally as my own hands started to free her from her constraining clothing. Our tongue teased and fought, biting each other and wrestling. I guided her to the bed and straddled her as she laid back, our soft bellies pressed together and the heat from the place I wanted to kiss and lick rose up to warm mine. I cupped her a breast of her's, they were so much bigger than the ones of the girl I first craved. Now the nipples were tan from breast feeding the babies. I gently suck, my eyes locked on her's as she whimpers my name. I feel my pussy dribble at that sound, she keeps moaning that she loves me. I reach between us and place my hand on her mound. I can feel the curly hairs against my palm as a finger eased in to find her clit. I climb off of her and kneel on the floor as I start slowly torturing her for all the years she made me cry. Bucking and writhing, she tried to get away but my fingers weave a wicked spell on her. She now is demanding I fuck her, my fingers twist together to make a fat cock, her dripping tunnel held open by her fingers welcomed the intrusion. She squirmed as the fingers slid inside, her scream was absolutely sinful as the fingers unfurled and tickled the spongy g-spot. I begin ramming my fingers in and out as my tongue bats at her clit. I suck on the nub of flesh as her hands mash my face into her pussy. I twist my hand as I fuck her with my fingers and her screams grew like a crecendo to an opera, her voice being pure music. Her muscles suddenly clenched tightly, her eyes were screwed shut as I felt her womanly juices bath my hand. I smile and kiss her furry lips before straddling her again so I could be face to face with her. I lick her flavour off my hand and she smiled that smile before joining me for a taste.

God... this is going to be a great weekend.

-the end-

Lingerie Salesman

Cindy looked in the mirror and after staring at her out sized form for several seconds, broke down in tears as her rolls of fat began shaking gently in time with her sobs!!! While she wasn’t really tall, she packed a very hefty two hundred fifty five p?}?ounds on her large boned frame, and as she sobbed away, her huge breasts, that hung nearly to her waist jiggled back and forth as the tears rolled down her cheeks all the way down to her nipples!!! It had be so long since she’d had a man that she once joked to herself that she wondered what a cock even looked like or whether man had evolved into something else!!! Well, maybe it hadn’t been long enough to have had evolution take over, but it had been at least three years since she’d even had a date, so as she had just turned thirty five, she was just reaching her sexual apex with no prospects for finding a partner in sight!!! She was just about to hop in the shower when the front doorbell rang, and after hesitating on whether to answer it or not, she finally threw on a robe and headed down the stairs to answer it!!! As the large door swung open she was greeted by a pleasant looking young man who must have been in his early twenties who fairly stammered, “A-are you the lady of the house!?!” “Yes, yes,” she replied impatiently, “what is it, I’m really in a hurry!?!” She could sense immediately that he was very uncomfortable, and her demeanor softened somewhat as he stumbled on, “Well uh, you see, I represent the Acme Lingerie Company, and we have the finest line of fine lingerie made in America today, and if I could just take a minute of your time I’m sure that it will be time well spent!!!” After giving him another once over she asked gently, “Isn’t this really a job for a woman, I mean this is kind of a personal type item you’re selling!?!” “That’s true,” he quickly replied, “but there weren’t enough women to fill all the positions available, and since I couldn’t find another job of any kind, well, you get the picture!!!” “Knowing that the chances of him having anything even resembling something in her size was remote, she took pity on the young man and asked him in!!!

They both sat down on the sofa, and immediately he went into his spiel about the wonder?}?ful qualities of his product when Cindy interrupted him and asked, “Since we’re going to be together for a few minutes, how about giving me your name, my name’s Cindy!?!” “Oh my,” he replied slightly red faced, “my name’s Zak, Zak Richmond!!!” Cindy stuck her hand out and offered easily, “Well it’s nice to meet you Zak, now as you were saying………….” “Uh, yeah,” he went on, “Acme Lingerie is the best in the world, and just to show you what I mean, take a look at this!!!” Cindy sat there a little bit bemused as Zak pulled out a tiny pair of bikini panties as he extolled the virtues of his product!!! After he was finished he asked, “So, what do you think, aren’t these just about the best made and most attractive panties you’ve ever seen in your life, I mean they have quality written all over them!?!” Cindy took the panties from Zak’s hand, and after feeling the smoothness of the material replied gently, “They’re very nice, Zak, but I’m afraid we have a little problem here!!!” “What’s that,” he asked, “they come in all the popular colors!?!” “It’s not the color,” she replied, “it’s the size, and if you haven’t noticed, I’m a pretty big girl, and for me to get into something this small would be impossible, I’m sorry, but that’s just that way it is!!!”

Zak eyed the doe eyed woman seated next to him, and she was right, she was a rather large person, but not to be deterred he offered, “I’m sure that I have something that is your size, just let me check my stock!!!” He rummaged around inside of his case for a minute, and after pulling out the largest pair of panties he could find, he handed to them to her hopefully and asked, “Do you think these might do the trick!?!” “Zak,” she said softly, “I don’t think so, but just to prove it to you, I’ll give them a try,” and then with his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets, she calmly stood up and slipped off her bathrobe, revealing an expanse of flesh that nearly took his breath away!!! She took the black pair of over?}?sized bikinis from his shaking hand, and with a great deal of difficulty tried tugging them up over her ample thighs, until when they were finally in place, they almost looked like a thong on her fat jiggling ass!!! “See,” she said softly, “they’re way too small, what did I tell you!?!” Zak just sat there with the sweat popping out all over his forehead, and while his mouth was moving, no sound was coming out!!! Sensing that she had him in her thrall, Cindy stepped directly in front of the stunned young man, and after gently taking his head in her pudgy arms, she pulled him into the two giant pillows that were her breasts, and with a slight cooing sound induced him to suckle at one of her big hard nipples!!!

“Oh, baby,” she said with a sigh, “mmmm, yes, do mama’s nipple for her, suck it harder, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy that’s nice!!!” Zak was still in a state of complete shock at the surrealistic turn on events, because never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that he would have bee so aroused by a woman who could only be described as fat!!! But incredibly, here he was nursing at the biggest and fattest tits he had ever seen, and the harder he sucked, the harder he got!!! For Cindy on the other hand, it was a case of just relishing the sensation of being close to a man again, and even if he was just a pup, what he lacked in technique he made up for it in spades with enthusiasm!!! Her huge hair covered pussy was now literally gushing, and even though she was turned on to the max, she could still feel a little rivulet of cunt juice running down the inside of her thick thigh!!! Zak couldn’t get enough of the big nipple, but reluctantly he released it from his lips as she pushed him down onto his back, and with eyes as big as saucers, watched in awe as she lowered her magnificent hairpie onto his gaping mouth!!!

At first a stab of terror rushed through him, as he was certain that he would be smothered to death between Cindy’s fat thighs, but as?}? luck would have it, his nose was just exposed enough to allow for easy breathing, so with total abandon, his tongue slithered up and down her wide open crack until it came to rest upon her unbelievably ripe clit, whereupon he bored in on it viciously until she was cumming like the bitch in heat that she was!!! Cupping her huge chest and pulling a hot nipple to her mouth, she ground her pussy into Zak’s mouth while nipping and sucking on her oversized nub as the most incredible orgasm he had ever had waylaid into her cunt like a hurricane hitting land!!! With all of her strength having been sapped from her body, she slumped over and landed on her back wit her legs spread wide apart, and while she was most definitely out of it, he was hard as a rock and ready to go, so as she lay there trying to recover from her gut wrenching orgasm, he was almost frantically ripping off his trousers while taking his place between her thighs!!!

Through her sexually induced fog she realized that he was going to fuck her, but she was still so far gone that she just smiled contentedly and let him have his way with her!!! He ran his dick head up and down the length of her gaping cunt, and after having slipped the head inside of her, he grabbed her by her ample hips, and when he was all set and ready to go, lunged forward, driving his manhood balls deep inside of the burning cauldron that was her pussy, inducing her to climax once again even before he had the chance to make another stroke!!! She began mewling like an injured puppy as he rammed in and out of her with ruthless abandon, and as climax after climax raged through her, his own orgasm was building inside of his nut sack, and as he passed the point of no return, his blue steel pecker spamsed hard several times before spewing out load after load of cum, deep inside of her well fucked pussy!!! Now they were both shot, totally and completely spent from the marathon fuck session they had just completed, and in their state of se?}?xual euphoria, Zak collapsed on top of the hot pussied plumper and fell fast asleep with a fat nipple in his mouth!!!

Hours later when he opened his eyes, he could still feel the rhythmic breathing of the still sleeping Cindy beneath, and quietly as a mouse, he slipped off of her and got dressed!!! When he was finally all packed up and ready to go, he scribbled a thank you note on a piece of paper with a promise, “………and I’ll check and see if we carry any of the larger sizes, and even if we don’t, I’ll be back to tomorrow for a another session, Zak!!!”

-the end-

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